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released December 16, 2016



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Track Name: Fauld
The ground erupts, tonnes of earth rain down
Black fungal clouds sweep upward
Seismic destruction felt for miles around
Scorching flames, burning wrath
In the bunker stocked with explosive shells
A foolhardy mistake or purposeful suicide?
No one will ever know
Fine dust covered the devastation
In the aftermath, only silence
Nothing, but a craterous tomb remains
Track Name: Old Remnants
Ancient stone, carved by human hand
Material etched in grotesque form
I wander around the fallen relic
My mind thinks back to aged ways
Exploring crypts by torchlight
The darkness seeps within me
I'm unsure where this cobbled path will lead
As I chance upon the ruinous form
It's decrepit nature is utterly compelling
The desolate entrance invites me in
Twisted carved columns flank my sides
An archaic slab lies before me
I willingly die at this withered altar
Track Name: The Dark Peak
The thaw of frost
A vaporous film spreads over the ley
It rises like a hazy spectre
Smothering the treacherous terrain
Unseen outcrops claw at the sky
Like talons grasping forth
From the azure, the unaware are torn
Spiraling downward in torrential fear
Slamming into the ground in a fire fueled inferno
In a survivorless wreckage
The debris field scars the earth
A troposphere of death
The mist soon lifts
To reveal a graveyard mechanical viscera
Track Name: Luddite
With a covert gathering in South Wingfield
The downtrodden workers hatched plans
Led by Jeremiah Brandreth
With a Noble cause in mind
Southward they marched, pikes in hand
Believing an insurgent victory was there
But Nottingham was barren of allies
For betrayal was in their ranks
Just short of Eastwood they stopped
Faced with musket and sword
An ambush in waiting
Brought by the treachery of one
Captured and lead to the gallows
Jeremiah knew his time was short
There was no fear in his eyes
Then he swung and the last axe did fall
Track Name: Cursed Corpse Candle
In years past, a dispute raged
Deep underground a vista of beauty
A rivalry over the red soil vein
Opposing mines fought with underhand tactics
The prize of lead, worth more than life
Tunnelling too close, accusations of trespass
Both sides lit fires to smoke the other out
But the deadly fumes or murderous
Asphyxiation of three, a curse upon thee!
The ghostly flame still flickers in those passages
The corpse candle wanders on
Track Name: Here Dwells Immortality
Under a strange moorland plateau
There lies an unhallowed brackish pool
Dark bleakness rests within
Its contents undrinkable
Is it bravery or courage that leads to there?
No, it is but pure desperation
A quest for power, a selfish need
The darkest of cravings
drives them forward
On the eve of Eostre they arrive
The howling winds blow spray from the falls
They stand at the edge
Gazing into the murky depths
The desire for immortality is strong
Will visions be forthcoming?
Unaware of the stirrings in the hollow
They are dragged into the abyss
Track Name: Hob O' Th' Hyrst
In the woodland copse, I'm ever present
Inhabiting a plain of consciousness few see
You should know I'm here though
For the offerings that I need
Forces exist you can't understand
Ones that wish a withering blight upon you all
They want to seep into your reality
To rain a pestilence on your lands
Mischievousness may be in my nature
But, it's mere frolic compared to what could be
Your bestowal is greatly received
But you must never forget this
Track Name: On The Edge Of ζ II Reticuli
From the vast nothingness, a signal comes
A cry for help, or a warning?
A disturbed slumber of empty dreams
Sent to explore the primordial planetoid
A mysterious derelict unlike anything seen before
Its colossal chamber holds untold terror
With suffocating violation, the trap is sprung
Embraced with parasitic unconsciousness
Drowsy awakening bathed in amnesia
Contorting convulsions and the shock of eruption
Panic and confusion spread
A hunt must be conducted
One by one they fall
They can't fight the corrosive defence
But all things fear the fire and flame
Who will survive?